About Us
Mission Statement:
We here at ReigningGames have set out on a mission to provide a gaming community to all who are looking for one. In addition we have decided to display reliable gaming tips, tricks, strategies, cheats, glitches, media, and more to our users so that they can beat any challenging boss, or game with ease.

ReigningGames started summer of 2006 as nothing more than a standard site without forums or members. Shortly after we added the forums and proceeded to gain members. In out attempt to provide each and every member with what they needed to post lots we went through the process of adding an image gallery, blog system, wiki, mailing list, web applications (which were free for the taking) and other seeming useful things. However this proved to be our downfall in the long run.

While the forums flourished for a time the rest of the site sat without use; and eventually wasn't used at all. Then, the forums began to follow suit. In attempting to give everyone what they wanted we spread our self to thin and ran out of steam.

However, now we are in the process of revitalizing ReigningGames, and as such have (for the time being) gotten rid of the blog, wiki, mailing list and web applications section of our site. This is meant to refocus our efforts at what we originally wanted to be; an active gaming community.

Plans for the future
We are at this point in the process of reconstructing ReigningGames, with the first step being the addition of a new and nice looking skin, to add in additional, on-topic features which will include (however are not limited to) a Strategy/Tips/Tricks, Cheats/Glitches, Media (streaming audio/video), and more which we hope users will help us to put to use.