August XBLA Titles
By BetaWar, On 28 Jul 2008
Microsoft has released the titles being released in the month of August in advance naming August, and the rest of this summer, the Summer of Arcade.

The release line up looks like so:
July 30 - Aug 5: Goemetry Wars 2
Aug 6 - Aug 12 - Braid
Aug 13 - Aug 19 - Bionic Commando - Rearmed
Aug 20 - Aug 26 - Galaga Legions
Aug 27 - Sept 2 - Castle Crashers

Along with the whole month's releases Microsoft has brought us another sweepstakes. All you have to do is play an XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) game (either the trial or full version) during the week of its release to be entered. Here is what you can win:

One Grand Prize Package:
100,000 Microsoft Points
Xbox 360 Elite console
Xbox LIVE 12-month Gold subscription card

Two Second Prize Packages:
10,000 Microsoft Points
Xbox LIVE 12-month Gold subscription card

and Five Weekly Prizes:
4000 Microsoft Points

Have fun playing retro games re-vamped during the month of August, I know I will.
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E3 '08 Update
By BetaWar, On 14 Jul 2008
For anyone who has missed the news on Final Fantasy XIII feel free to follow this link. For the rest of you, we hope you will give the console change a chance, but that isn't the only thing that happened today at E3.

Microsoft unvieled today their addition to Xbox Live in the form of "Avatars", which is a Xbox version of Nintendo's Miis. These small charactures will be available online and seen in games, as well as be used in Xbox Live to form a new type of community. This, however is not the most interesting story of the day.

Microsoft also announced, and allowed people a preview at the new console dashboard which will be going live sometime this fall. It will completely change the look and feel of the console without any additional hardware. With this addition will come a new style of party playing online. You will be able to party up and (joining or creating parties as you go) and (hopefully) seemlessly be able to swap between games, picture viewing, sharing pictures, and chats with up to 8 people in a single party. On top of this is the newly added Netflix videos. Anyopne who has a Netflix and XBL account will be able to access over 10,000 Netflix videos from their Xbox, and possibly even watch them with friends via Xbox Live. This will just about double the number of TV shows and Movies that XBL offers currently.

For more news and threads on the games that have broken out during E3 check out our E3 forum.

Enjoy you summer and have a great time gaming,
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[ Starts today ] E3
By Legogizmo, On 14 Jul 2008
So today E3 officially starts.
so cancel any plans for the week (except to see batman)
and check the gaming sites for news.
(Don't forget to F5)

oh we should also add an E3 forum somewhere.
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New forum Category and Forums
By BetaWar, On 04 Jul 2008
With the news of Diablo III (3) from Blizzard and the total number of topics that we have seen around the net with Diablo 3 as the subject we here at RG have decided to add a few new forums and a new category to the site.

Without further ado we will introduce Gaming Specifics which contains forums for Diablo 3, StarCraft 2, World of Warcraft and GuildWars 2. We hope that our viewers will use these forum areas to help spread the news and speculations, strategies and more about the games.

Have a great 4th of July,
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Diablo III
By BetaWar, On 28 Jun 2008
For those of you who haven't already heard the news (I know I just heard today, about an hour ago). Diablo III have finally been confirmed by Blizzard. At this point there isn't a ton of stuff on the site, but there should be enough to keep people intereted for a while.

If you wish to take a look at the Diablo III portion of Blizzard's site here is a link:

From the looks of the site and the gameplay trailer it is fairly safe to say that they have enhanced their 3D engine (though as they are using Havok, as with StarCraft II, that was not even a real question - the graphics will be better). At this point there are only 2 character classes that you can look at on their site, the re-though Barbarian, and the Witch Doctor; thoug you can be sure that there will be some spell caster class and probably a Paladin, which leaves 1 class for speculation.

Something new and nice with Diablo III is that all the classes can be played as either Male of Female, meaning you can choose if you character is a girl or boy. In the previous games you had to settle with what were provided in terms of gender.

After watching the gameplay trailer it is fairly evident that the environment will be a lot more interactive. There are now breakable walls and other interactive portions of the environment to have fun with.

The game will be taking us back over explored territory and through previous dungeons in search for answers, and as everyone hoped, to kill off evil. Here is a quote from Blizzard on a brief (and we mean brief) overview of the game:

"It has been twenty years since the events of Diablo II. Of those who faced the Lords of Hatred, Terror, and Destruction in the battle over the fate of Sanctuary, there are few still living who can bear to remember the horrors that the Prime Evils wrought upon the world. And of those who did not witness the terrible events firsthand, most believe the stories to be little more than myth. But something evil is stirring once again in Tristram, and it may already have claimed its first victim: Deckard Cain."

Sadly, at this point in time there is no forseeable release date for Diablo III.
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